Stanley was a huge help in finding my current Tax Manager position. Within a two-week period, Stanley had arranged 8 interviews and I had 3 offers by the end of the second week. He is very professional, and I highly recommend working with him.

Kathryn Loranger, CPASamet & Company, P.C. Chestnut Hill, MA

I am a CPA with over 26 years of audit and tax experience. After being unemployed for almost a year, I just recently got a call from Stan, with two job interviews with CPA firms in NYC. The first job informed me that they would let me know in a month and the second one was a big surprise when they offered me a job right on the spot. When I got out of the building, I called my wife and it was just a big relief to me and my family. Thank you, Stan, for being a savior to my family.

Paul MacClellan, CPAKMR LLP, New York, NY

Stan is distinguished from other recruiters in terms of quality and efficiency. He understood my background and the public accounting market. Within the first day of contact, he obtained two interviews for me with reputable firms for positions that matched my interests. Within three weeks, I received an offer at a firm that I would not have found myself. He held an open line of communication every step of the way and was very proactive about following up with all parties. Stan is a personable recruiting expert and I would recommend him for your professional hiring needs.

EP, CPAMueller Prost L.C. Irvine, CA

I highly recommend Stan. He helped me obtain employment after I relocated to Florida from New York. Within one week of living in Florida, I was set up with an interview and was hired by a local CPA firm. Stan is very reliable. He focused on my skills and placed me appropriately. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Victoria Brodsky, CPALerro & Chandross, PLLC Boca Raton, FL

I would recommend working with Stan. I was looking for a job in another state and contacted employment agencies in that state, even talked to recruiters in national firms. I did not hear back from any of them after I mentioned what I was looking for. Stan just said “ok” and had an interview scheduled for me the next day. He was very persistent with his communications with the possible employers, he secured interviews with two local firms and received a job offer from one of them. Stan is able to find jobs anywhere in the country and I am definitely privileged that I worked with him.

Evgeni Ivanov, CPAFaulk & Winkler, LLC Baton Rouge, LA

Stanley’s ability to connect you with prospective employers surpasses the abilities of anyone in your local market. He is able to remotely connect you with potential employers that desire your experience and work history. Most importantly, Stanley was able to get the right job for me – he handled all communication between potential employers and myself leaving me to only show up when needed. At the end of the day, he will not flood you with endless job applications hoping that he can hook you on one – the opportunities he presents to you are real employers looking for your skill set and are employers that are serious about career-advancing employment. Simply put, Stanley has one objective – getting you where you need to be.

Marcin Pawlus, CPAMarcum LLP Deerfield, IL

Stan is the man! After my initial conversation with Stan on the phone, he had me a job interview lined up within 24 hours at the most reputable CPA firm in my area. He is very professional, experienced, and has great connections all over the country. Good news! I landed the job. I can’t thank Stan enough. Don’t waste your time with other recruiters, go to Stan!

Nathan Musser, CPADeluzio & Company, LLP Greensburg, PA

I would highly recommend working with Stan. He is a professional yet caring recruiter who was always focused on ensuring my job search was fulfilled. Stan reached out to me after finding my resume online. He noticed my specialized skills and saw my unique candidacy for a position that I could not seek out on my own. Additionally, I was relocating from Virginia to Suffolk County, New York and was not well versed on the public CPA scene, so I was very welcoming of his assistance. Stan opened the door for me, and I am so grateful that he found me. He secured a number of phone interviews and subsequently five in-person interviews. Stan was able to express my candidacy to these CPA firms in ways that I couldn’t through regular job applications. Having his expertise and experience on my side was the key to helping me in my job search. After my interviews, I secured two job offers and was able to pick the one I preferred most. I am very happily employed in my new position at Wagner & Zwerman LLP, and I am excited to watch my future grow! I have endless gratitude for Stan, and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for help obtaining a position in a CPA firm on Long Island.

Sarah St. Pierre, E.A.Wagner & Zwerman LLP Melville, NY

Stan is a top notch professional who delivered on everything I could possibly expect from reading his profile. I am an experienced CPA, and had left a position with a CPA firm just days before I made contact with him. I was connected through him almost immediately to a CPA firm in the exact geographical area I was hoping to relocate to. After a telephone interview with the CEO of the CPA firm, I was invited for an in-office interview the following week. Just one day after the personal interview, I was offered a suitable position, which I accepted.
Stan was right there with me through every step of the process, and I probably would have never found the job had I not been connected through him. I very highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking their next new opportunity.

Douglas Horner, CPALawhorn CPA Group, Inc. Knoxville, TN

Stan was recently a tremendous help with my career search and relocation from Pennsylvania to California. He was always available when I had any questions or needed advice (even in the later evening). He initiated and set me up with handfuls of phone interviews before my trip out to CA and knew exactly what type of position and firm atmosphere I was looking for. Stan helped me budget my time with interviews before I flew out and was a huge help when it came down to making the biggest decision of my life. I would highly recommend Stan for anyone who is looking for a position change.

Ashley Donatello, CPALindsay & Brownell, LLP La Jolla, CA